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Frank O’Donnell on the State of the Union: Cars, Coal, and Corn

EcoTalk’s very own Clean Air Correspondent Frank O’Donnell waxes funny and fiery on President Bush’s State of the Union speech: "He’s starting to talk the talk, but he’s a long way from walking the walk. He’s tip-toeing in the right direction, but he is not coming forward with any plan at all to actually limit emissions related to global warming." LISTEN (11 min)

Sherry Boschert: Plug-In Hybrids!

In Plug-In Hybrids: The Cars that Will Recharge America Sherry Boschert chronicles the coming together of Americans of all political stripes, from "left greenies" like herself to neoconservative hawks like James Woolsey, to call for 100mpg (100mpg!) Plug-In Hybrids as a solution to our environmental, energy, national security, and pocketbook problems. Let’s do it! LISTEN (12 min)

Frank O’Donnell: A Dick Cheney Christmas

Correspondent Frank O’Donnell talks about the 13 states who filed a suit to force the EPA to strengthen particle soot standards and safeguard public health. You’d think we wouldn’t have to ask them to do their jobs.
ALSO: What is the White House giving their friends for the Holidays? Frank tells us here.
(11 min)  PART 2 (7 min)

Daniel Kammen: China takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As Berkeley Professor Daniel Kammen tells Betsy, it’s great that the Chinese government is considering a tax on industrial polluters. Less great, though, is that a coal-fired power plant opens there every ten days. As for the Republic of Texas…. LISTEN (11 MIN)

Frank O’Donnell: EPA takes a dive for the Oil Industry

Clean Air Watch Correspondent Frank O’Donnell continues his extensive chronicling of the Bush Administration’s outright disrespect of the EPA‘s dedicated scientists, and their undying fealty to Big Oil. LISTEN (10 min)


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