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Jennifer Gray about Transition Towns in the US

Jennifer Gray
, co-founder of Transition Towns in the U.S., a movement that began in the
and is catching on across America. It’s about getting prepared for climate change, peak oil and
building community, an idea whose time has arrived! LISTEN (10 min)

Every Thursday @ 1 PM Pacific Time and 4 PM East

On the Green Talk Network, 55 minutes.

Sustainable Life Media Segment: Paul Lilienthal, CEO of Pictura Graphics

Paul Lilienthal explains the environmental initiatives of Pictura Graphics.
LISTEN (7 min)

Photo Travis Anderson

John Marshall Roberts about 3 species of environmental cynics

John Marshall Roberts talks about his article about environmental cynics and how to beat them. LISTEN (10 min)

Building as if the future mattered: Kevin O’ Donnell and Lance Williams

When we think of carbon emissions, cars often come to mind first but
it’s actually our buildings that contribute almost half the co2
threatening our future. How can we build or retrofit homes and
commercial structures to have a much lower eco-footprint?
To learn how to transition from
industrial age to a sustainable age model as it applies to buildings, we’ll talk to
green architect Kevin O’Donnell and Lance Williams, the Executive Director of the U.S.
Green Building Council – Los Angeles Chapter, and a longtime speaker on
LEED issues, green building and sustainability. LISTEN (20 min)


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