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Kimberly Pinkston, founder of the EcoMom Alliance

Kim-crop-big Kimberly Pinkston, founder of the  EcoMom Alliance, is educating mothers about how to create a greener environment for their families and future. At over 10,000 women strong and growing, organizing earth mamas is an idea whose time has obviously come! LISTEN (10 min)

Gil Friend of Natural Logic about how to “measure what matters”

GilFriend 4 WC
Gil Friend, of Natural Logic, discusses how to “measure what matters” and gives us a sneak preview of his forthcoming book, The Truth About Green Business.
(9 min) 

See also his blog

John Marshall Roberts about Eco-Inspiration

John Marshall Roberts talks about Eco-Inspiration. LISTEN (10 min)

Felix Kramer, Founder, President and CEO of Cal Cars

Felix Kramer, Founder, President and CEO of Cal Cars weighs in on the state of plug-in hybrid technology he helped to develop and
promote. You can also hear Josh Tickell contribute to the discussion.  LISTEN (7 min)

Josh Tickell about biofuels

Josh Tickell, creator of the cross-country Veggie Van, author of From The Fryer to the Fuel Tank, Biodiesel America and  most recently the film, Fuel, joins Betsy to share his views on the promise and pitfalls of biofuels. LISTEN (16 min)


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