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Nate Hanson, Vice President of NextEra Energy Resources

Nathehanson Nate Hanson, Vice President of NextEra Energy Resources,
the largest generator of renewable energy in the U.S. Hanson talks
about an innovative new program that gets consumers and corporations
involved to help lead us into the next, greener era!

LISTEN ( 22 min)

Van Jones about green jobs

Van-jones-big-crop Van Jones, Founder and President of Green for all is a community organizer turned author and now sought after public speaker.
His appointment to the Council on Environmental Quality by Barak Obama is as
exciting as it is historic. We’ll hear why Van believes green jobs are a key weapon
in winning the next revolution.
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Lewis Perkins of Mohawk Industries about green carpets

Lewis-perkins Greener carpet is in more demand, and supply,
thanks to standard setting companies like Mohawk Industries. We’ll meet their
Director of Sustainable Strategies, Lewis Perkins for the why’s and how’s. LISTEN (8 min)

Marie Kerpan about Green Careers

Marie-Kerpan-crop Marie Kerpan had a bright idea a decade ago – offer
guidance to those who want to green up their work – and now her company,
Green Careers, is red hot. LISTEN (13 min)

Kevin Surace about Serious Materials

Kevin-surace-big-cropKevin Surace of Serious Materials is proof that
rethinking, retooling and re-acting can turn a bleak labor situation into bright
green opportunities. LISTEN (13 min)


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