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NRDC & Bill McKibben

Betsy (and Bob Marley!) introduce an engaging interview between NRDC George Black and Step It Up 07 torchbearer Bill McKibben. The national rally on April 14th is such a crucial opportunity to channel all of our creative and optimistic instincts towards decisive action to protect the only world that humans have thrived in: "(20 years ago) We could have started with the easy, tepid compromise. Now scientifically, our backs are against the wall." Get involved! LISTEN (7 min)

Bill McKibben: Step It Up 07!

Bill McKibben stops by EcoTalk’s Green Street studio to tell Betsy about his new book Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future and urges you to Step It Up in your own unqiue way as part of the Step It Up global gathering on April 14th. You’ve got about three weeks to read up on how others are stepping it up, and to think about the coolest way possible you can open the public’s eyes to climate change. PART ONE (7 min) PART TWO (12 min)
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Best of Ecotalk

This is a rerun of our January 19 program: step it up!

Bill McKibben: Step It Up 2007  PART 1 (11 min) PART 2 (7 min)

Rick Piltz and climatesciencewatch.org  LISTEN (12 min)

NRDC tours First Platinum Leed Home!  LISTEN (8 min)


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