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Harry Potter’s Recycling Magic

If a tree falls to make some paper, and then that paper is recycled for the 12 million copy initial run of the new Harry Potter book, has that tree martyred itself for other trees and millions of Harry Potter fanatics worldwide? Liza Murphy, Senior Manager for Market Development with the Rainforest Alliance says….well, she doesn’t answer that question, but she breaks down how Rainforest Alliance and Scholastic Book pulled off this magic trick, and set the standard for how all books should be made. LISTEN (8 min)

Challenging The Chip

Ted Smith of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and author of Challenging the Chip comments on his recent trips to China and India to see firsthand the underbelly of, basically, a world of people like me typing on this computer and you reading on yours: E-waste, the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and toxic poison for some of the world’s poorest. Ted says that at this point "we’re losing the battle," and that the US needs "to join the international community at the treaty level," by ratifying the Basel Convention. That we contribute so much to the problem but are not among the 166 signatories of this humane global treaty is shameful, and needs immediate attention from our elected officials.
PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)

Trash Landings: How Airlines and Airports Can Clean Up Their Recycling Programs

Airline While flying home this holiday season, airlines will throw away zillions of cups, newspapers, napkins…  nearly anything consumed on an airplane that could be recycled will instead be carelessly thrown to the landfills. Recycling guru and NRDC Senior Scientist Dr. Alan Hershkowitz tells us about Trash Landings, the new report on the garbage monsters overhead. LISTEN (12 min)


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