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Frances Beinecke about California

NRDC President Frances Beinecke talks with Phil Gutis about her recent trip to California.
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Navy Sonar vs. Whales

NRDC Senior Attorney  Cara Horowitz tells Betsy how the US Navy has violated California State Law by using sonar, which is harmful and potentially fatal to whales, in protected waters. LISTEN (8 min)

Visit Whales in Danger to watch the video…

Upgrade Morro Bay’s Sewage Plant Now!

Otterpic3Daniel Hinerfeld tells the sad and shocking story of the Morro-Bay Cayucos sewage plant that the city refuses to upgrade asap.
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Image: Surfrider Foundation

NRDC Prez Frances Beinecke and not the Usual Suspects

NRDC President Frances Beinecke tells Betsy about the coalition of large corporations, including Duke Energy, DuPont, General Electric, and PG&E, who are demanding strong leadership on climate change from the Federal Government, just in time for tomorrow’s State of the Union speech: "The most important thing we’d like to see the president to do is commit to a cap-and-trade proposal that reduces our carbon emissions. But we’re not that optimistic." LISTEN (11 min)

NRDC tours First Platinum Leed Home!

10NRDC‘s Daniel Hinerfeld tours the house of our dreams: the first home given a Platinum rating by the US Green Building Council. It’s a Zero Energy, Zero Water, Zero Waste, Zero Carbon, Zero Emissions residence. Wow. LISTEN (8 min)


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