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Treehugger Thursday


On the first Treehugger Thursday of 2007, Simran Sethi gets the Resolutions of several Eco Movers and Shakers, including Ideal Bite founders Heather Stephenson and Jen Boulden, model and TV media host Summer Rayne Oakes, Big Green Apple Author Ben Jervey, sustainable design guru Jill Fehrenbacher, EcoTalk’s Green Biz correspondent Joel Makower of greenbiz.com, and Treehugger’s own Jacob Gordon. Can’t break your resolutions now, guys: Simran has you on tape. LISTEN (9 min)

New Year’s Resolutions

NRDC‘s Daniel Hinerfeld hears the different resolutions that Americans are going to stick with in 2007, from decreasing their energy consumption to taking fewer showers.
LISTEN (7 min)

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? How are you planning to contribute to a more sustainable planet in 2007? Email betsy@ecotalk.net .


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