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Climate Change on Capitol Hill

Adam Kolton, Senior Director of Congressional Affairs for the National WIldlife Federation tells Betsy about the rallies that bolstered a big week for climate change on Capitol Hill: "There’s an expectation that Congress start to get things done. Bills need to start passing in one chamber or another." LISTEN (11 min)

Wildlife, Water and the Army Corps of Engineers

The Army Corps of Engineers was once one of our nation’s most reputable military services, using an incredibly accomplished staff to protect us from natural disasters and help plan our nation’s industrial infrastructure. But as NWF Senior Water Resource Specialist David Conrad tells us, "This agency is overwhelmed." Is more pork (from both sides of the aisle) the way to return it to its former glory? Post Katrina, I think everyone is hungry for something different. LISTEN (9 min)

Tackling Climate Change in the US

Can we convert from an economy based on coal to a new energy future? New research out of Washington State says "Absolutely". Patti Glick, Senior Global Warming Specialist with the National Wildlife Federation, gives Betsy the rundown on this notably optimistic report. LISTEN (8 min)

Congress’ First 100 Hours and Global Warming

Even if it’s just political football, it is refreshing for environmental and energy issues to be in play as the 110th Congress wraps up its first 100 hours. Jeremy Symons, Manager of the Climate Change Program for the National WIldlife Federation, chats with Betsy about Thursday’s big Congressional vote to make Big Oil pay taxes like other Americans.

They also review the ambitious McCain/Lieberman/Obama bill to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2% every year. That’s exciting– but can it pass? You’d almost think those guys were running for president or something…..

PART 1 (11 min) PART 2 (7 min)

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