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California Lt. Governor John Garamendi & E-Waste Recycling

We here at EcoTalk are so taken with California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi‘s leadership on energy, public health, and smart (re-)use of resources that we hope that one day he can simply drop the "Lieutenant" from "Lieutenant Governor". He checked in with EcoTalk today to discuss the new e-waste recycling center opening in San Jose, and the global benefits of acting locally. LISTEN (7 min)

Controversial LNG Terminal in California

California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi operates at the intersection of a statewide green economy with some serious momentum, a Govern(ato)r who’s redefined green politics and milked it for every photo op he can (not really a criticism at all, either), a Liquefied Natural Gas controversy in Southern Cali that has the Lt. Gov. and the Gov. on opposite sides, and a nation that’s looking to Sacramento rather than Washington for leadership. As Betsy can’t help but say at the end of this interview, "John Garamendi: You’re all good."
PART ONE (7 min)   PART TWO (12 min)


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