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Huey Johnson: Resource Renewal and Green Plans

President of Resource Renewal Huey Johnson talks about Green Plans, the fuits of Huey’s scouring the earth for the most ecologically sustainable models of human civilization. Listen here for tales of your United States, New Zealand, and Holland: "Corporate Holland, the big businesses, decided the most radical thing they could do was be honest with the government and say ‘Environmental problems exist. You tell us what goals you want, leave us alone, and we’ll deliver them.’" LISTEN (12 min)

Tom Fookes and New Zealand’s Green Plans

One of the leading examples of the Green Plans movement is that of New Zealand. Associate Professor of City Planning at the University of Auckland, Tom Fookes tells Betsy all about the sensible municipal planning that has been common sense for all time, but is only recently coming back into vogue. Here Dr. Fookes talks about the different approaches New Zealand and Holland are taking to the same challenges. LISTEN (8 min)


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