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Frank O’Donnell helps the EPA define “success”

Clean Air Watch President Frank O’Donnell stops by to parse the EPA Chief Steve Johnson’s latest announcement on the Bush Administration’s efforts to "reduce" greenhouse gas emissions: "The bottom line is the actual volume of emissions continues to grow. The climate and the planet doesn’t care so much about intensity or rates of things, they care about  actual volume of pollution that’s effecting the climate." LISTEN (12 min)

But as is often the case in the large bureaucratic confines of the EPA
(where many career environmentalists continue to work diligently for a
green America), there is some good news as well: The EPA at long last
has proposed tougher air pollution standards for new lawnmowers and
other small engines that work off of gasoline. It’s not cars, but this
proposal would make a big impact. Of course, the tried and true method
of conservation is to crack open a beer and let your lawn grow out, in
principled defiance of nagging family members and neighbors. Tell them
EcoTalk gave you permission.

Frank O’Donnell: The Supreme Court sees the Obvious

Clean Air Watch President Frank O’Donnell stops by to celebrate this week’s momentous Supreme Court decision in Mass. v. EPA, asserting that the White House is indeed authorized to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. Theoretically, the Bush Administration (or, more concretely, the next administration) could act to regulate emissions without first going through Congress: "Now the Supreme Court has gone on record as saying global warming is indeed not only a problem but is something that can be dealt with even under current law. Now the onus is on the Bush Administration to do something about it." LISTEN (11 min)


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