Elizabeth Kolbert’
s vivid, intimate accounts of climate change through the eyes of people in the Netherlands, Iceland, and Alaska were initially published in the New Yorker Magazine and later compiled in the book Field Notes from a Catastrophe. Since "Field Notes" was first published, Kolbert has written a stunning piece on ocean acidification, and has profiled one-time boy wonder of the environmental movement Amory Lovins, now 49 years old and still the eternal optimist.

PART ONE (11 min) PART TWO (7 min)

"One of Amory’s basic points is that if you don’t use energy, you’ve
found a new energy source. A barrel of oil we don’t use, is a barrel of
oil found, in a way. If we just made cars more efficient, we would
basically found the equivalent of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves right
under Detroit."

Here Kolbert shares her thoughts on all that she’s investigated
and reported, not only on climate change but on the political and
social climate of climate change. She’s one of the most valuable
chroniclers of Our time on Earth, and we were thrilled to have her in
our Green Street studio.