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Charles Lockwood and Green Building

Environmental and Real Estate Consultant Charles Lockwood shares with Betsy both the broad trends and nuanced particulars of the Green Building movement, and the influential municipalities across the United States that are the early-adopters of what will become the future of construction. LISTEN (12 min)

Heidi Kuhn: Roots of Peace and Landmines as an Environmental Issue

Heidi Kuhn’s life’s work has been the replacement of "mines with vines" through her organization Roots of Peace. Whether in the Balkans, Vietnam, or Afghanistan (where Roots of Peace has an office), landmines are an environmental issue, as land cursed with the mines of wars past cannot provide its people with sustenance or work. One cannot have a healthy relationship with the Earth if one is afraid to walk upon it. PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)

Richard Cizik: Evangelicals and Scientists

The coalition of 28 Evangelicals and Scientists that the National Association of Evangelicals Richard Cizik and Dr. Eric Chivian of Harvard University assembled do not agree about everything in the world (or in the heavens, presumably), but they do agree that climate change is a problem requiring urgent action on everyone’s part. Here Richard tells Betsy about his initial skepticism, his climate change revelation, and the common ground that will keep all of us on firm ecological footing. LISTEN (11 min)

Cruise Pollution

A single cruise ship generates as much air pollution as 12,000 cars. One cruise ship of 3,000 guests and crew also plow through 11 tons of garbage per day. And 23 gallons of toxic waste. And 270,000 gallons of bacteria-contaminated graywater. Shall I keep going? No, better to let Gershon Cohen of the Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters tell you, because he is not only an authority on the cruise industry but is also armed with workable solutions to this Titanic-sized problem, such as Alaska’s successful state ballot initiative that demanded that Cruise Ships play by the same rules as everyone else. LISTEN (11 min)

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New Year’s Resolutions

NRDC‘s Daniel Hinerfeld hears the different resolutions that Americans are going to stick with in 2007, from decreasing their energy consumption to taking fewer showers.
LISTEN (7 min)

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? How are you planning to contribute to a more sustainable planet in 2007? Email betsy@ecotalk.net .


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