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Rebates for Cleaner Vehicles

Just when you think California has been as ambitious and unequivocal as it can be in the face of a looming energy crisis and climate change, the state steps on the gas: Dan Kalb, California Policy Analyst for the Union of Concerned Scientists, tells us about the latest bill in the California legislature, proposing a steep discount for fuel efficient vehicles, and a surcharge for gas guzzlers. LISTEN (12 min)

Frances Beinecke about California

NRDC President Frances Beinecke talks with Phil Gutis about her recent trip to California.
LISTEN (7 min)

Navy Sonar vs. Whales

NRDC Senior Attorney  Cara Horowitz tells Betsy how the US Navy has violated California State Law by using sonar, which is harmful and potentially fatal to whales, in protected waters. LISTEN (8 min)

Visit Whales in Danger to watch the video…


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