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Senator Barbara Boxer gives a damn

"Barbara Boxer Gives a Damn,"– that was the slogan of her 1982 campaign for the House of Representatives, and for 25 years Senator Barbara Boxer has been giving a damn for American people, American priorities, and for Global environmental sustainability. LISTEN (12 min)

Here Senator Boxer tells Betsy of the possibilities for strong,
practical environmental legislation now that she, not James Inhofe,
holds the gavel: "We’ve already passed a bill through my committee (Committee on Environment and Public Works)
that deals with government buildings becoming models of energy
efficiency; we passed that with a provision that also makes grants to
cities and counties throughout the country. There’s a lot on my plate,
but I will tell you: with the work you’re doing, and the work that so
many are doing across this country, I think we can get this done."
for the ‘China and India aren’t doing it so we won’t either’ method of
global leadership, Senator Boxer says: "Since when do we wait for China
to lead on the environment?"

EPA Chief Steve Johnson testifies before Congress

With Clean Air Watch’s Frank O’Donnell watching from the congressional pews, Barbara Boxer’s Environment and Public Works Committee this week put EPA Chief Steve Johnson on the stand, and Senator Boxer took him to task: "You are accountable to the American people, not special interests." Also, as an extra treat: the latest bizarre statements from Senator James Inhofe.
PART ONE (11 min) PART TWO (7 min)


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