Betsy’s climate change debate buddy Chris Horner (of the Competitive Enterprise Institute) pays a visit to EcoTalk to continue the conversation they had last week on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes. The difference in Horner’s tone between his Fox and EcoTalk visits is striking, and underscores the ways in which he and like-minded cohorts continue to dangerously mislead the American people. Here Horner frequently hides behinds a dense wall of techno-babble that none of the scientists that we’ve had on our show have ever come close to touching. PART ONE (10 min)

In the second part of our talk with Chris Horner, New York Times climate reporter Andy Revkin (and author of The North Pole Was Here) checks in to fact-check some of Horner’s more erroneous points. PART TWO (8 min)