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Oscars 2016 TV Ratings Hit 7-Year Low With Chris Rock Return | Deadline
Debate over solar rates simmers in the Nevada desert (PBS NewsHour, 2/27/16)
Climate Reality Founder and Chairman Al Gore spoke at the 2016 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.
In Letter to Shareholders, Warren Buffett Mockingly Compares Global Warming to Y2K : Hill Heat
Keep It in the Ground: Author Terry Tempest Williams Buys 1,750 Acres of Oil & Gas Leases in Utah (Democracy Now! 2/19/16)
Reasoned Analysis vs. Denial: Watch This O’Reilly Factor Debate On Climate Change And National Security | Video | Media Matters for America
Will a surprising Supreme Court move shake the Paris climate accord? (PBS NewsHour, 2/10/16)
Debate Moderators Keep Failing To Mention Climate, So Democratic Candidates Are Doing It Themselves | Blog | Media Matters for America
Tucker: On energy, Baker is stuck in the ‘80s – Gate House
Supreme Court climate fight shakes up Senate races | TheHill
GOP needs a better response to Obama’s oil tax proposal
Bill Mckibben on the State of our Environment (Thom Hartmann, 2/9/16)
Flood victim confronts Cruz on climate change – Denton Record Chronicle | News for Denton County, Texas
Mapping out the Porter Ranch gas leak (, 2/4/16)
Warmer temperatures could increase Zika outbreak (MSNBC Shift, 2/4/16)
Real Time with Bill Maher: Erin Brockovich – February 5, 2016 (HBO) Video
Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax – Politico
Analysis: Addicted to oil—The first 10 years
Drop In Oil Prices Complicates Effort To Combat Climate Change : NPR
Hillary Clinton to GOP: Go talk to a scientist | MSNBC
Act Now, Cry Later: Tim DeChristopher, Aria Doe & Josh Fox on Civil Disobedience & Climate Activism (Democracy Now!, 1/26/16)
NY Mayor Bill De Blasio connects the climate dots re: Winter Storm Jonas (PBS NewsHour, 1/25/16) (Hat tip to Susan Shamel)
BradBlogAlert – Blizzard 2016 ‘Juiced’ by Climate Change Says Repub Meteorologist: ‘BradCast’
Supreme Court backs electricity-saving rule – Getty
Is Humanity On the Eve Of Extinction? (RT, 1/22/16)
Thom Hartmann: Mother Nature’s Invisible Hand (RT, 1/22/16) Video
Mayor Bill de Blasio and the storm for the ages (MSNBC, 1/22/16)
Why was 2015 the hottest year ever? | MSNBC, 1/21/16
2015 Was The Hottest Year In Recorded History (Young Turks, 1/21/16) Video
Should You Be Worried About The Zika Virus? (Young Turks, 1/20/16)
The warmest year on record was 2015 (Al Jazeera America, 1/20/16)
Michael Moore praises MSNBC’s coverage of Flint, Michigan water crisis
Church of England and New York State Fund to Press Exxon on Climate Change – WSJ
As California Methane Leak Displaces Thousands, Will U.S. Regulate Natural Gas Sites Nationwide? (Democracy Now!, 1/14/16)
Jane Goodall on the Threat of Animal Agriculture, GOP Climate Change Denial & Why She’s a Vegetarian (Democracy Now!, 1/14/16)
Sanders praises Obama’s remarks on climate (MSNBC, 1/12/16)
Stanford Professor Calls Out “Egregious” Distortion Of His Research On Clean Energy Jobs | Blog | Media Matters for America
Historic Trial Lets Activists Who Blocked Oil Train Cite Climate Change Threat in Their Defense (Democracy Now!, 1/11/16)
As poison gas billows, profits take priority, residents suffer : MSNBC
Placky Talks Glacial Melt and Climate on GMA
Using Technology To Keep Carbon Emissions In Check : All Tech Considered : NPR
How Much Do Your Text Messages Contribute To Global Warming? : All Tech Considered : NPR
TransCanada Is Suing America “Under Nafta” About the Keystone Pipeline (RT, 1/8/16)
Frack Happy Oklahoma Is Paying the Price in Earthquakes (RT, 1/8/16)
CA in state of emergency after methane leak (MSNBC, 1/8/16)