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Treehugger Radio

Thradio368Treehugger Correspondent Simran Sethi
reports on France’s request that the US show more leadership on reducing emissions, the green rebuilding of tornado-devastated Greensburg, Kansas, the unusual challenge of making the Burning Man festival sustainable, and Paul Hawken’s incisive new book "Blessed Unrest." LISTEN (8 min)

Treehugger Radio

This week
, correspondent Jeff McIntire Strasburg
sheds some light on the murky question of ethanol versus biodiesel. We
speak with Mark Oberholzer, a runner-up in the 2006 Metropolis Next
Generation Design Competition, whose plan for roadside turbines aims at
getting something back from the flow of traffic. We also speak with the
designer of World Without Oil, an online alternate reality game that simulates a world in the throes of an oil shock.  LISTEN (9 min) 

Treehugger gets on the 100 Mile Diet

On this week’s Treehugger Simran Sethi sits down with Alisa Smith and JB MacKinnon to talk about and its position at the forefront of the "Locavore" revolution, their book Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally, and the ongoing organic versus local (non-)debate: "Really the system to shoot for is local. Organics will follow, whether certified or not, because almost any small farmer both doesn’t want to use chemicals and doesn’t have to. When you have a wide variety of crops growing  in a really small area, they’re not susceptible to pests in the same way that 10,000 acres of wheat are." LISTEN (9 min)

Treehugger: Earth Day Hangover Edition

Thradio368Treehugger Correspondent Simran Sethi
bring us Grist Magazine’s irreverent awards for everything from the least newsworthy environmental acts to the greenest nudie model (why oh why do I work in radio?). She also takes us to the glitzy, greenish, but still somewhat ominous Shanghai Auto show, and tells us the dollar value of New York City’s trees. LISTEN (8 min)

Treehugger: Eco America’s Bob Perkowitz

Thradio368Treehugger Correspondent Simran Sethi
(who appeared on Oprah again today– cool! ) interviews Eco America‘s Bob Perkowitz about what’s wrong with how Environmental Groups are marketing the Environment, tailoring the message for a United States that contains multitudes, and environmentalism as a faith-based initiative. LISTEN (12 min)


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