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Sports Illustrated: Time to Pay Attention

So your friendly EcoTalk producer here was brushing up on his college basketball to faithfully observe the March Madness holidays. I reached for a trusty issue of Sports Illustrated and… job was on the cover. In the latest example of the connections that people are drawing between climate change and, well, most aspects of their lives, SI asks a fair question: are baseball in South Florida, the ash bat favored by Major Leaguers, and the Winter Olympics all equally at risk? Cover story co-writer and fact-checker David Epstein tells us about the wide-ranging, thoughtful, and scientifically solid report that SI has delivered. Betsy rolls her eyes at a climate change/swimsuit issue tie-in, but if you ask me, anything to get the word out! LISTEN (11 min)
PS: Looking at the top of the magazine, you gotta wonder: Can we at least have some Organic Athletes?

A Carbon Neutral Super Bowl?

NFL Director of Environmental Programs (take a moment to let that sink in) Jack Groh tells Betsy how the league of grunts and gridiron are going to offset the carbon emissions of one of the biggest consumer spectacles in the world. Betsy wonders if mentioning that fact during the game might make a bigger difference than anything that they themselves might do. LISTEN (11 min)


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