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Solar + Business= Debate

Today’s EcoTalk featured a compelling debate on long and short term viability of Solar Power. Severin Bornstein, Director of the University of California Energy Institute, says that although solar shows long-term promise , it requires more research and development before it’s ready for prime time. On the other hand, JP Ross, Policy Director for the Vote Solar Initiative, takes the egg to Bornstein’s chicken, citing increased use and demand as the engines that will drive technological innovation. But these two explain everything better than I can.
Listen for yourself! PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)

Adam Browning: America’s Energy’s Future is on the ballot

Adam Browning of Vote Solar tells that America’s energy future is on the ballot this November in California and Arizona.

LISTEN (11 min)

Andrew Beebe: Generating Affordable Renewable Energy

Andrew Beebe is President of Energy Innovations: he talks about the Apollo Alliance and the development of solar technology. 
LISTEN ( 7 min)

Gary Gerber: Solar Power Business is Heating Up.

Founder of Sun Light & Power Gary Gerber says that the Solar Power business is heating up.
LISTEN (7:50 min)

Picture: Contra Costa Times

PhotoVoltaics Now – PVNOW

David Hochschild
is Executive Director of PVNOW, a coalition of leading photovoltaic companies focused
on expanding the US market for solar electricity.
He got involved
with solar energy when he was a Special Assistant to the Mayor of San Francisco in 2001 and worked to put together San Francisco’s
$100 Million solar bond initiative to pay for large scale solar roofs
on public buildings. He went on to co-found the Vote Solar Initiative,
a public interest organization working to bring solar energy into the
mainstream, where he has worked to pass California’s new
$3.2 billion solar initiative
, the largest solar program in the nation. LISTEN (7:50 min)


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