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Gus Speth: Sustainability in Higher Education

Higher Education Correspondent Shana Weber takes us front row at a speech by Gus Speth, Yale Dean of Forestry and Environmental Studies at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Meeting. LISTEN (8 min)

Shana Weber: Fixing Up the Fixer-Upper, responsibly

EcoTalk’s Science Advisor Shana Weber is fixing up her house, and everyone’s invited. Except the Carpenter Ants.
LISTEN (7:50 min)

Toiletbowl Conservation

EcoTalk correspondent Shana Weber gives us the lowdown on the double-flush toilet.
LISTEN (7:50 min)

Adventures with Chickens

ChickenChickens can be an
entertaining, eco-friendly and low-maintenance household pet, even in
urban environments. And the fresh eggs are terrific!
Shana Weber
shares a recent experience moving cross-country
with the family chickens.



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