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Call2Recycle Cellphones

We can’t imagine life without cellphones, but we don’t imagine our cellphone’s life beyond us. Linda Gabor of Call2Recycle and the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) tells us how to recycle that potentially harmful cellphone battery, and why it might even be the law, depending on where you live. LISTEN (8 min)

Trash Landings: How Airlines and Airports Can Clean Up Their Recycling Programs

Airline While flying home this holiday season, airlines will throw away zillions of cups, newspapers, napkins…  nearly anything consumed on an airplane that could be recycled will instead be carelessly thrown to the landfills. Recycling guru and NRDC Senior Scientist Dr. Alan Hershkowitz tells us about Trash Landings, the new report on the garbage monsters overhead. LISTEN (12 min)


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