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Dmitry Lisitsyn and the fight for Sakhalin

In January we invited Pacific Environment to tell us about Shell Oil’s Sakhalin Project, the largest oil project in the world. Unsurprisingly, this project has wreaked havoc on the ecosystem and people of Sakhalin, an island in the Russian Far East. Here local activist Dmitry Lisitsyn and Sara Moore tell Betsy about the citizens of Sakhalin and their fight for the only land that they can call home.
The politics are complicated, the corporate profiteering is staggering, the people of Sakhalin are secure in their human rights, and the game is not yet over. LISTEN (11 min)

Lisa Margonelli: Oil on the Brain

An antidote to sometimes wonkish energy books, Lisa Margonelli‘s Oil on the Brain takes the reader from Margonelli’s local gas station to an Iranian oil platform in a refreshing up-close and personal style. Here she sits down with Betsy to highlight some of her most revealing journeys. LISTEN (10 min)

US reliance on OPEC reaches 15-year high

Apparently, no one can find any reasons not to buy tons of oil from OPEC. No strings attached whatsoever! But seriously folks, as US reliance on OPEC’s "black gold" reaches a 15-year high, Jerome Ringo, President of the Apollo Alliance, breaks down their ten point plan to break our addiction to oil. LISTEN (11 min)

Image: Climate Change Poster Art


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