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D.R. Tucker, Carol Oldham and Joe Elcock: the Clean Air Act under attack

ImagesClimate convert and Green Front friend, D.R. Tucker, joins Betsy to chat with Carol Oldham and Joe Elcock with the National Wildlife Federation in Massachusetts. They discuss attacks on The Clean Air Act, and share predictions about the death of climate denialism. 


Tackling Climate Change in the US

Can we convert from an economy based on coal to a new energy future? New research out of Washington State says "Absolutely". Patti Glick, Senior Global Warming Specialist with the National Wildlife Federation, gives Betsy the rundown on this notably optimistic report. LISTEN (8 min)

Larry Schweiger goes to Washington, too

Larry Schweiger, President  and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, tells us his thoughts and observations as a new and potential-rich Congress is sworn in. He also discusses the possibility that Pelosi and Co. will roll back counterproductive tax breaks and subsidies for big oil (subsidies contribute to the destruction of our grandchildren’s future with their money, he says), delves into the motivations that brought him back to the National WIldlife Federation, and the grandchild who keeps his eye focused on the goal of a sustainable world for him to flourish in.

PART ONE (7 min) PART TWO (10 min)


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