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Still Toxic After All These Years

Manuel Pastor of the Center for Justice, Tolerance And Community  speaks about the newly released report Still Toxic After All These Years.
LISTEN (11 min)

Lead In Our Children’s Vinyl Lunch Boxes

The Center for Environmental Health has discovered dangerous levels of lead in our children’s vinyl lunch boxes. And guess who’s covering up their own research on lead and vinyl products? If you guessed the Federal government, then you’ve probably been listening to EcoTalk’s ongoing coverage of how our government has continually sold off public health to the highest bidder. Alexa Engelman, Public Interest Litigation Coordinator for the CEH, tells Betsy about the latest suppression of science, and what you need to know about lead and vinyl. LISTEN (11 min)

Frank O’ Donnell: Smog and the risks with Ethanol

Frank O’Donnell
talks about the risks linked to smog for women and the consequences of the increased use of ethanol.
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picture: all that smog

Steven Joseph &

Steven Joseph of tells Betsy how he took on some of the world’s largest corporations and won, all in the name of your health. And your food!
(11 MIN) PART 2 (7 min)

Chemicals and Breast Cancer

Executive Director of Breast Cancer Fund Jeanne Rizzo tells us about toxic chemicals in cosmetics and other products contribute to breast cancer, and how the FDA abdicates its repsonsibility to safeguard Americans’ health. Fear not, though, as Breast Cancer Fund has stepped into the breach with their Safe Cosmetics Campaign. She also explains the groundbreaking bio-monitoring project in California. PART 1 (11 min) PART 2 (7 min)


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