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MIT’s Sustainable Business Lab

Professor of Management and Engineering Systems John Sterman of MIT’s Sloan School of Management tells Betsy why being a green MBA is less of a lonely pursuit than when he was at Sloan, and of the launch of their S-Lab, a way of harnessing students’ demand to include sustainability in their bottom lines, and to begin working in the big leagues right away. LISTEN (8 min)

Eco Careers and Verdopolis

Our guests today are Kevin Doyle, Marie Kerpan and Joel Gershon:
A_kevin_doyleKevin Doyle is one of the two national  program directors of  Eco, Environmental Careers Organization and  co-author of The ECO guide to careers that matter.

A_marie_kerpan_green_careers_2Marie Kerpan is the founder of Green Careers a consulting practice "designed to help people find jobs that support ecological, social and economic sustainability." She is the author of When the canary stops singing. Listen (11 min)

Our new correspondent on the East Coast, Joel Gershon reports about Verdopolis, the conference about the future green city that took place in New York.  Listen  to the wole show  (37 min) A_joel_gershon_1

A_verdopolis_1 is the official site of the conference but it has been off (maybe back on when you click).



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