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Phil Angelides’ case for greening California

Phil Angelides explains why he -not Schwarzenegger- is the green choice in the California gubernatorial race. LISTEN (11 min)

The Future is in Starch

Frederic Scheer, CEO of Cereplast, explains what’s so bad about petroleum-based nonrecyclable plastic, how cities are banning styrofoam, and how his starch-based biodegradable plastics will make distant memories of both (well, as distant as they can be while we wait hundreds of years for them to biodegrade).
LISTEN (7 min)

James Speth about global warming

ClimatespethenlargedJames Speth, Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and author of Red Sky at Morning, America and the Crisis of the Global Evironment (2004),
joined us in studio to talk about global warming and his call for action in a
recent letter
to the Editor of the NY Times.

RedskyjacketLISTEN (part 1: 11 min)
LISTEN (part 2: 7 min)

EcoTalk # 85

Listen to the whole show (37 min) or listen to the various segments:
Apple_ipod_mini_green_prot_1 NRDC’s Jon Coifman about oil addiction Listen (9 min)
NY State Representative Liz Krueger Listen (7 min)
Sarah Pelmas and Peter Sealey about "Compact" Listen (7 min)

Piagio/Vespa CEO Paolo Timoni Listen (7 min)

Ecotalk # 82

Listen to the whole show (37 min)

NASA’s Chief Climate Scientist, Jim Hansen

Listen (part 1 = min) Listen (part 2 = 3 min)

Peter Tertzakian,
author of A Thousand Barrels A Second – The Coming of the Oil Break Point and the Challenges Facing An Energy Dependent World. Listen

Kristin Patten about diamond mining Listen (3 min)

Matthew White, President of GreenKarat Recycled Gold Jewelry Listen (3 min)
about  organic wines. Listen (5 min)
Margaret Reeves with Pesticide Action Network and Gerald Prolman of Organic Bouquet  Listen (7 min)


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