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Bill McKibben: A Deeper Shade of Green

and Scholar Bill McKibben
says that Pat Roberston’s green conversion is a sign that there is a
god, and that while Americans are increasingly aware that climate
change is a problem, they do not yet appreciate the severity and the
threat posed by climate change.
(18 min)
This is a rerun of our October 12 program.

Clif Bar: Start Global Cooling

Clif Bar CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin‘s contagious enthusiasm embodies Clif Bar’s dedication to an active life, big-picture optimism and a sustainable footprint.
LISTEN (12 min)
This is a rerun of our October 12 program.

TreeHugger Radio

Our friends at
serve up an inimitable platter of the ever-popular George W. Bush and
Switchgrass, a Trans-Fat Free New York, the effect of a wall along the
US/Mexico border, an Aquarium that’s drawing the line on climate
change, trailblazing company 7th Generation, and the sounds of Humpback
Whales…with a chill beat on top.

LISTEN (7:50 min) This is a rerun of the Ocotber 12 program. 

Huge Budget Cuts for the EPA

Internal memos
reveal that the Bush Administration plans huge budget cuts to EPA services and research.
Before EPA staff scientist and Vice president of the National Treasury
Employees Union Dr. Bill Hirzy filled us in, he had to close his door
due to the sounds of the library being hauled off. LISTEN (11 min)

This is rerun of our September 29 program. Happy Thanksgving!

Schwarzenegger Signs Landmark Global Warming Bill

As NRDC’s Daniel Hinerfeld reports, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday signed historic
global warming legislation
that will reduce the state’s greenhouse
gas emissions 25 percent by 2020.
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This is a rerun of our September 29 show. Happy Thanksgiving!


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