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Tribute to Dennis Weaver

Until the end of August we are
recycling the Best of EcoTalk while our team regroups for some exciting changes coming up in September. Stay tuned!
This is a rerun of our March 11 show.
When actor and former Gunsmoke star Dennis Weaver passed away last month few obituaries mentioned his environmental work. In the latter part of his life Weaver worked passionately for the planet. In addition to founding The Institute of Ecolonomics (merging of ecological and economic concerns), he drove a state-of-the- art hybrid car across the country and built a home made from recycled rubber and aluminum. His close friend, Peter La Vaute, who now runs the institute, will join us to talk about Dennis’ environmental legacy. LISTEN (11 min)

Jill Buck: Eco-Friendly Schools


Jill Buck, President of the Go Green Initiative
joins us in studio to tell us how to make schools across the country
LISTEN (7 min)

This is a rerun of our March 11 show.

Julia Whitty about the Fate of the Ocean

Julia Whitty has been making nature documentaries
for the past twenty-five years specializing in underwater
films. Her story in the March/April issue of Mother Jones
is entitled The Fate Of The Ocean :"Our oceans are under attack and
approaching a point of no return. Can we survive if the seas go silent?" LISTEN (12min)
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This is a rerun of our March 11 show.

Against Off-Shore Drilling

Jim Presswood
brings us up to date on off-shore drilling. Call and/or write your Senators to
ask them to vote against the Domenici-Bingaman bill.
LISTEN (7 min)

This is a rerun of our March 11 show.

Davis Guggenheim

Davis1 Until the end of August we’ll air a selection of our previous shows. This is a rerun of our June 3 show.
Davis Guggenheim
, Director of An Inconvenient Truth talks about the movie.
LISTEN (Part 1, 12 min), Part 2 (7 min)

Also this interview in Grist


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