Vice-President Al Gore (after an interview about An Inconvenient Truth in 2006)
“Thank you for what you’ve been doing all these years to raise awareness about the climate crisis. We need more of this!”

Van Jones, CNN contributor, former advisor to President Obama on Green Jobs, and author of Green Collar Jobs
“Betsy, you have been at the forefront of reporting on the environment longer than anyone. Thank you for your invaluable contributions in bringing attention to these issues, and for giving me the name ‘Green Collar Jobs’!”

Andrew Revkin, New York Times Correspondent
 “Betsy and EcoTalk provide a valuable forum for exploring pressing environmental issues in a constructive way that can almost border on fun, while always proving illuminating”.

Kathleen Dean Moore, Author and Professor
“Thanks, Betsy, for being so beautifully prepared, so incisive, so funny and fierce. I’ve done countless interviews about my climate change and ethics work, and none has left me as energized and hopeful. You have a rare ability to bring ideas together cogently and clearly.”

Greg Mattison, New Jersey
“You recently had on Bill McKibben who called the new movie “Everything’s Cool” the perfect follow up to An Inconvenient Truth. That may be the case cinematically, but I have to say that for me and many other people, that follow up role has been filled for some time by EcoTalk. I hope that is not a back-handed compliment because I am fully aware that you were carrying the torch long before Truth came out, but for my family, Truth did get us off our asses and start us toward really making changes. It was at that point that I started looking for more; for resources to guide us on our new course, for suggestions, for history, for perspective, for levity, for real examples of real solutions, and for us your show EcoTalk has proved to be an invaluable resource.”

JoAnneh Nagler, Author, Community Activist
“Betsy has the courage to bring to light the environmental issues that much of our culture is ignoring–issues that are impacting our planet at a rate more rapid than we can imagine.  Her voice is a must-have wake-up call, and her intellectual grace shows us the way to clear, deliberate and necessary change.”

Gary Lewin, Good Dirt Radio
“Betsy Rosenberg is a world-class, eco-radio pioneer.  As we collectively embrace the challenges of climate change and the journey toward a more sustainable future, it is critical that every energy-consuming person become aware of the issues we face.  Betsy, and her EcoTalk staff, have demonstrated professionally astute and passionate competence in programming cutting edge, vital information… and positive solutions… to perhaps the most important issues we face in our time.   Betsy has eco-spirit, impeccable knowledge of environmental dynamics, and the advanced communication skills necessary to inspire change… EcoTalk’s presence is part of the heartbeat of the “Great Turning.”

Chip Giller, Pres.
“Her range of guests and topics has been great and she plays an important role in the movement.”

Carol Greenwood, Minneapolis
“We need more environmental programming, and Eco Talk does a great job of providing this to the listening public and Air America members (we just renewed the Premium Service, for the express purpose of listening to Betsy Rosenberg (Eco Talk) and also Rachel Maddow. These are the best programs in your lineup. Please keep them coming”.

Avi Stachenfeld, San Francisco, California
“I have begun listening to EcoTalk recently; extraordinarily intelligent interviewing; ironic sense of humor, especially appreciated along with the tempered tone…never imagined the subject could be this interesting on a night-after-night basis.  THANKS!”

Michael Dietrick, Mill Valley, California
“EcoTalk has been broadcasting five days a week, interviewing the most knowledgeable and creative people from the US and elsewhere about global warming and the many available solutions…The program is the only really professional and entertaining voice the environment has in media today. Hear for yourself what a treasure this program is to those of us who want to help wake the country up from its deep denial about global warming. Betsy always talks to people with real solutions to offer. Every voice for the environment you’ve ever heard of, from local to global, has appeared on the program.”

Victoria Everman, San Francisco, California
“I’ve personally been listening to these podcasts for over a month and, in a word (or two), I’m addicted. Bringing green issues alive, adding a passion that the written word can’t express, is just one of the vital effects of this show. Even a media buff like myself learns something new everyday thanks to Betsy’s interactions with key ecoplayers. Her years of experience and natural talent on the microphone brings our entire movement alive in just an hour a day.”

Maxine Kushner, Florida
“As important as I think politics are, and as concerned as I am about the future of our country, I believe environmental issues are even more important. You and your guests are informative, timely, and discuss the most important concerns of our planet and its inhabitants. If your show were to go off the air, it would be a huge loss for those of us who are paying attention and trying to get the word out.”

Brian Turner, Fukuoka, Japan (listens via podcast)
“EcoTalk is dedicated to covering a critical discourse (the greatest crisis of our time) which is not being tackled by any of the political-commentary focused shows at Air America, or anywhere else. The show is a public service, and it very much goes against Air America’s core mission of progressive commentary to scale back the one forum they have that is tackling this issue full-time.”

Tim Stout
“I want to commend you on the quality of your show. I look forward to downloading it onto my IPod on a daily basis and frequently play segments for friends. I find it remarkable that you’re able to conduct so many interesting interviews every week. Through your show, I feel I’m able to keep up to date on the latest on climate change without having to do extensive research on line. You provide society with a great service on what is perhaps the most critical issue our society has ever faced.”

Dr. Bob Sikora, Dallas, Texas
“We listen to you on Air America/XM. It has become a nightly ritual to turn of the television and gather around the XM to listen to EcoTalk, ever since we discovered the show a month ago. You provide an avenue of action within what can be an overwhelming world where all seems hopeless. Your show is just so valuable, thank you!”

Phil, Michigan
“I compliment you on a quality and comprehensive show about a topic near and dear to my heart, the environment. I listen with intense interest to you and your guests because they are so relevant in this day and age (and this country).”

Ed Hansen
“You’re doing a GREAT job at making important-but-not-always-easy -to-make-‘entertaining’ topics listenable. Your work is very important and the time is exactly right for your programming. You are a leader, and no doubt others will follow, but only if a quality program like yours is allowed to flourish!”

Mari Robbins
“This is a program that is on the leading edge of thought. A few years ago it was hard to find someone who talked about global warming. Today it makes the mainstream news. The major auto makers are building hybrid cars. We need a program to support this thinking. The U.S. has a long, long way to go, but this program encourages us on what we can do to help the earth survive. Thank you for being a important part in saving the world!”

Greg Otero & Joanie Bear
“I love your station and all that you do for the Progressive movement in this country. My favorite program, the one that my wife and I listen to all the time, and the program we most often recommend to our friends, is EcoTalk. Betsy Rosenberg’s show is a vital link, for ourselves and for many others, in keeping us informed on the enormously important issues facing our environment. However, just as important, Betsy’s show also provides us with one of our main sources of inspiration in fighting this very important fight – especially for our children.”

Ann and Bob Lyman, Piedmont, California
“It is such a pleasure to turn on the radio and hear Betsy Rosenberg’s great voice.   Ecotalk’s guests are informative and interesting and offer real solutions to conserving our planet’s resources and exploring new energy alternatives. Betsy has the positive outlook, personality and talent needed to clarify concepts and discuss issues intelligently that are sometimes confusing to the general public. Ecotalk is talk radio at its best!”

Linda Derksen
“I listen to your show on XM Air America every night. Can’t get along without it. I hope Air American management knows how interesting and funny, yes funny, the show is. You have a subtle wicked sense of humor that pops up unexpectedly. Your pacing of the show is terrific. It moves along at a brisk clip, and yet you somehow give every guest plenty of space to say what needs to be said. You would be a great host for a call-in talk show because you have a direct way of speaking and connecting with people.  You don’t engage in innocuous platitudes or fill-in-the-blank dialogue. I really look forward to those bittersweet moments when you manage to get us to laugh out loud at the irony of some environmental awfulness! I loved your interview with the Plumber-water guy last night. Never knew that urinals and toilets could be so interesting. You asked for the real poop, and we got it. Air America had better make room for EcoTalk in the weekday lineup in their new schedule. If they don’t, I’ll be broken hearted.”

Jeffery Bauguss
“I am a strong fan of EcoTalk and as a loyal supporter/listener, and proud AAR Builder, I now write to urge the new ownership/management to do whatever is necessary to keep EcoTalk a part of the programming lineup. At a time when the subject of global warming is in the news as never before, we need the passionate, committed voice of environmental advocates like Betsy and the highly informative content of EcoTalk.

Cyndi Athertons, Lawrence Livermore Lab
“I admire your work. It is a valuable service for our society. You interact intelligently with a wide range of guests on a number of pertinent and timely topics. My twenty years as a research scientist has convinced me that we need to better communicate scientific results to the public in an informed and intelligent manner. I see your show filling that need in an area I care about deeply.”

Dr. Judith Sikora, Ft.Worth, Texas
“I just want to reaffirm how great and important I believe Eco Talk is. Now that AIR America has been given another chance at life, I think it is really important that the decision making powers understand the essential nature of continuing this program at least at its current level. I would like to see the show expanded to two hours if at all possible. You have such great guests and the crisis in the environment is our most crucial issue. Nothing else will matter much if we don’t take serious steps now. Your program provides information that helps each of us to become better informed and take positive steps, no matter what our past background.”

Jason Antony, Vancouver, CA
“Thanks for a great show and important public service – your operating expenses should be covered through the US defense budget!  You are protecting the country more than the feds!”