TreeHugger has hit the airwaves. We’re thoroughly pleased, thrilled,
and otherwise delighted to announce the launch of TreeHugger Radio, a
bite-sized weekly audio program covering environmental news and
insights from the forefront of the modern green movement.

Radio can be heard nationwide on the airwaves every Thursday thanks to
our partners at EcoTalk. TH Radio will be aired each week on EcoTalk with Betsy Rosenberg on Air America
and can be heard on partner stations across the country (see below) as
well as streaming at, podcast via iTunes, and on XM
Satellite. Tune in to this week’s installment of TreeHugger Radio for
new gluey developments in cellulosic ethanol, New York’s proposed
ousting of trans fats, San Francisco’s new water line, and highlights
from our exclusive interview with 7th Generation’s director of
Corporate Consciousness.