NRDC Vehicles Policy Director Roland Hwang tells Betsy how when other countries come to the US to talk proactive environmental strategy, they are increasingly bypassing Washington for California: "California and Europe are moving forward together into the future, while Washington seems stuck in the past." Unlike the Bush Administration, which has long used China and India’s inaction as an excuse for their own, California and Europe remained undeterred by cynicism or nearsightedness: Mandatory carbon and tailpipe standards in California and Europe promise to transform the automotive industry,  and the influential precedents that the world needs will be in place and ready for copy. PART ONE (11 min)
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Roland also shared with us one of the more succinct and cogent analyses of Ethanol that we have heard: "Not all ethanol is created equal, and if you want to help the environment, you have to use the ethanol in the right way. Here’s what I mean…." PART TWO (7 min)