A_electric_car_gm_ev14_2Maybe some of you prefer to listen to the show more selectively.
That’s why we now also offer you a separate recording for each of the 4 segments:

Our guests for our
show include:

1. Chris Plaushin – National Manager of Regulatory
Affairs for AAA to discuss their new finding re the EPA’s descrepancies with gas
mileage. Listen (10 min)A_emilyfigdor_us_pirg_1

A_stopthedirtyairplan_32. Emily Figdor – Clean Air Advocate for USPirg will explain how the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee defeated S 131, the President’s Air Pollution Plan and refused to weaken the  Clean Air Act. Listen (6 min)

3. Dave Barthamus, Manager — Public Policy,
Environment & Technology Communications for General Motors Corp. will talk about their project ofEv1_crushed_3_2 hydrogen car and present GM’s point of view on crushing the electric vehicles, EV1s.
No info about that issue (yet?) on the GM’s executive blog, the fastlane blog, but you can post a comment. Listen (12 min)

Dont_crush_the_ev1s_14. Chelsea Sexton , former GM employee questions GM
crushing the EV1s she loves and wants to keep running. In Burbank where GM keeps a few remaining EV1s she is part of a
Vigil protest.
More info about the EV1s with the
EV1 Club and the death of the electric car (PBS program). Listen (7 min)