Red_head For the past 4 years, Peter Sinclair has been asking, begging, cajoling, and otherwise trying to persuade the world’s leading climate scientists to explain to him what they do, and what their findings are, in words that average people can understand. In particular, Peter has been trying to get expert responses to the disinformation about climate change that one hears too often on certain cable news channels, the internet, or talk radio. For 2 years  he’s been collecting results of his investigations in a youtube series called “Climate Denial Crock of the Week”. There are now some 75 videos in the series, and scientists, professors, researchers, students, journalists, congressional staffers, and curious laypeople have been tuning in for a better understanding of the most critical environmental and policy issue of this century. They also – in many cases – get a good laugh! His blogsite is We’ll get a sample, and Peter’s story, in this hour-long interview.