A_riki_harbor_best_pictureIt was 16 years ago this week that the Exxon Valdez ran
aground, triggering the worst oil spill in history and transforming the
tranquil and pristine Prince William Sound
into a toxic wasteland. A_riki_ott_sound_truth_cover_1The legacy of that pivotal event is the subject of a
new book by Dr.
Riki Ott, Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$: the legacy of the Exxon Aldez oil spill.
We’ll hear why Dr.Ott’s scientific research
has convinced her that oil is more toxic to humans and the environment than
anyone ever thought.
In what’s being called the “Silent Spring”
of oil, Dr. Ott’s book is an urgent call for clean alternatives to fossil
And on that note we’ll tell you how you can participate in the second Fossil
Fools Day
, coming up April 1stLISTEN