20. December 26  Religion and the environment, Part 2  Listen

                           Paul Gorman, Fletcher Harper and Stephen Pearce

19. December 19  Religion and the environment, Part 1  Listen
                          Sally Bingham and Adam Stern

18. December 12 Less is more: Betsy Taylor  Listen

17. December 5  Ross Gelbspan, about climate change, facts and fiction Part 3  Listen

16. November 28 about Climate change, facts and fiction Part 2  Listen
      Susan Hassol ; Patrick Michaels

15. November 21  about Climate change, facts and fiction Part 1  Listen
      Annie Petsonk ;  Marlow Lewis

14. November 14  Deb Callahan and Oil on Ice  Listen

13. November 7  Yvon Chouinard and Rick Ridgeway  Listen

12. October 31  Carl Pope and David Helvarg   Listen

11. October 24  T.A Barron, Andre Heinz and Jim Lyons   Listen

10. October 17 George Lakoff, author of Don’t think of an elephant, the essential guide for progressives Listen  

9. October 10  Dave Brower Hour  with filmmaker Kelly Duane     Listen

8. October 3  Rex Wyler about Greenpace and Eco-comedian Johnny Steele   Listen

7. September 26 Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Anita Roddick   Listen

6. September 19  Karen Roberts and Paul Loeb   Listen
Karen Roberts, author of Passions and Patience: fostering Earth’s future through unlikely partnership
Paul Loeb, author of The impossible will take a little while: a citizen’s guide to hope in a time of fear

5. September 12  Incineration’s dangers, Global warming     Listen
Pr Paul Connett of Saint Lawrence University, NY

4. September 5  The zero waste movement, part II        Listen
Stories from abroad, Australia, Wales, the Philippines…

3.  August 29   Do you know where your garbage is? The zero waste movement   Listen
Mike Papparian, California Integrated Waste Management Board
Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self Reliance
Resa Dimino, Grassroots recycling Network

2. August 22   Documentaries and Mockumentaries      Listen 
John Grimes, Producer of There is something about W
Mark Achbar, producer of The corporation

1. August 15  It’s the environment stupid      Listen 
Aimée Christensen, Executive Director of Environment 2004
Actor, Director, Producer Peter Horton
Chip Giller, Editor of Grist magazine