Sorry this list needs updating. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You can find an updated list of the programs (with all the guests) but not in alphabetical order by looking at the index for 2005.

Kerwood Steve     Living on Earth    1/9/05

Kreitler Peter    EarthTalk Today, LA TV show   1/9/05

Lipkis Andy    Tree People     1/23/05

Lovins Hunter  Natural Capitalism Inc  2/6/05   Listen

McKibben Bill   1/2/05

Moss Doug   E Magazine   1/9/05   

Peri Andy  Sea Turtle Restoration Project   1/30/05

Ponce Dave  Rustle the leaf  2/13/05

Popalardo Mike  Green Light Magazine  2/13/05

Schardt Arlie    Environmental Media Services   1/16/05

Spellen Mark   Plenty Magazine  2/13/05

Weiner Drew     Reef Protection International   1/30/05

Wickline Bob   musician  2/13/05