Hotelsign2We’ll let you know what your
favorite hotel chain is doing, or should be doing, to lighten their impact on
our environment.
From hybrid displays in the lobby to eco-chic celebrity suites,
we’ll learn which players in the hospitality industry are beating a path to

GreenlodginglogoRosario Marin and Bill Orr with California’s Green Lodging
will tell us about the new “four palms” rating system. Listen  (11 min)

Steve Pinetti
with the Kimpton Hotel Collection will discuss why, for them, sustainability is
not just a marketing gimmick
Listen (13 min)
Anne White with the Fairmont chain will weigh in  Listen (4 min)

As will Kathy Shepard with the Hilton hotels  Listen (7 min)

Listen to the whole show (37 min)