This week end, just
when you thought the EPA might be busy protecting our embattled
environment we’ll tell you about attempts to loosen toxic pollution
reporting requirements for corporations…a move intiated by the
EPA…we’ll hear from Sean Moulton with OMB Watch.
We’ll get an update from Sierra Club’s Daryl Malek-Wiley
in New Orleans where hurricane debris, some of it toxic, is being
dumped in marshy wetlands and then we’ll really get down and dirty with
Heather Rogers who just released a book on "The Hidden Life of Garbage".
And Arnold Schwartzenegger, is he greening the Golden state or is his
image as an eco-friendly Governor being tarnished? The NRDC’s
California legislative anaylist, Ann Nothoff,  will weigh in….talkin’ trash this weekend on EcoTalk. LISTEN to the whole show (37 min)

SeanmoultonSEAN MOULTON – Senior Policy Analyist for OMB Watch

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to significantly roll back reporting of toxic pollution under the agency’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI).

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SierraclubDARRYL MALEK-WILEY – Environmental Justice Organizer with the Sierra Club New OrleansThe Louisiana Environmental Action Network filed a petition appealing a decision by state environmental officials to allow once-closed Old Gentilly Landfill to receive construction and demolition wastes from Hurricane Katrina.
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Heatherrogers_1GoneHEATHER ROGERS – author of GONE TOMORROW talks about her new book and the hidden life of garbage.

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AnnnotthoffArnoldANN NOTTHOFF – California Advocacy Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) about Arnold and his environmentalism (or not).
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Read the article by Wade Graham in OnEarth.