What’s up in Montreal?
Just the future of the planet being determined by representatives from
156 countries that ratified the Kyoto Protocol, coming together  to
hammer out specifics on how to slow damage from greenhouse gases. All
that’s missing is US, the largest contributor to global warming!  We’ll
hear from Michele Perrault, VP of Sierra Club International, as well as Jennifer Layke, with the World Resources Institute’s Climate Program, both checking in from the Conference of Parties.
Assuming they make the right decisions – and Christmas comes this year
– we’ll get  some ideas for a greener, more gratifying, holiday season
from Betsy Taylor at the Center For A New American Dream, as well as tips for kicking the holiday junkie habit from EcoTalk’s Science Editor, Shana Weber. And there’s bad news for bears – why the administration is taking aim at the endangered Yellowstone Grizzly. The NRDC’s Louisa Wilcox will tell us why we should care if the bear is de-listed. Global warming, green holidays and grizzlies, oh my!
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MicheleperraultMichele Perrault, Sierra Club Vice-President, describes the NGOs participation at the Climate Conference in Montreal.
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Read the blog of Sierra  Club’s Fred Huette.

About cool cities.

Ayke_jenniferTedglick_1Jennifer Layke explains how the Green Power Marketing Group brings together companies that want to reduce their ecological footprint.
Ted Glick of the Climate Crisis Coalition talks about catastrophic climate change and the international day of action happening on December 3.

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ShanaBetsytaylorShana Weber (left)  tells us about ways to reduce waste while Betsy Taylor of the Center for a New American Dream shares sustainable and meaningful ideas to celebrate the holidays.
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More about Holiday waste prevention

Louisawillcox_1Louisa Willox who heads NRDC’s Wild Bears project,explains why it would be detrimental to remove the Grizzly Bears
from the endangered species list while there are only about 600
individuals left in Yellowstone and Glacier.

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Postcard_grizzly3You can help by asking the administration to keep the Grizzly Bears on the list.

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