the Thanksgiving holiday comes thoughts of holiday gift buying – so
what’s a greenie to do in the season of consumption? We’ll speak with Paul McRandle, Senior Research Editor for The Green Guide about some eco-friendly options including bamboo shirts, recycled metal
jewelry and even less toxic cell phones for the tree-hugger on your
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Organic We’ll find out about gift baskets stuffed with everything from
organic fruits and cheeses to natural personal care products from Eco-Express founder, Tamara Raphael.

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JennaGaiagirlsIn our second segment we’ll meet Lee Welles, the author of a new book – Gaia Girls
a fantasy adventure with an environmental message perfect for the 9-13
year old on your list. We’ll get an enthusiastic review from
fifth-grader Jenna Zimmerman (picture on the left).

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Terrishore And then we’ll turn to air
pollution caused by cargo and container ships and why it’s a major
health concern. We’ll get a report from NRDC’s Daniel Hinerfeld and in-studio guest, Teri Shore, with Bluewater Network

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RobbinmarksIn our last segment we’ll chat with Robbin Marks, of American Rivers,
and learn why the hydroelectric industry is so pleased with the new
Bush inspired energy policy and how environmental protection is getting
sold down the river.

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