Sharon Buccino, NRDC’s Land Program Director talks about Gale Norton’s legacy and what can be expected from Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne:

"Gale Norton is
responsible for the destruction of public wildlands and key wildlife
habitat. Her goal was to give away as many of our publicly owned
resources as she could to the energy, timber and mining industries, and
by that measure, she was very successful. But the Interior Department’s
job also is to protect our land, protect our drinking water sources,
and protect the wildlife that makes that land home. She never took that
part of her responsibility seriously.

Ms. Norton said
she now is setting her sights on ‘the private sector.’ Unfortunately,
her record suggests she has been working for private special interests
all along." As for Dirk, "His abysmal environmental record as a senator and a governor speaks for itself. Dirk Kempthorne is Gale Norton in pants.LISTEN (7 min)