Ever wanted to ask top-level U.S. automakers why
they’ve been ‘dragging their wheels’ when it comes to taking the fast lane to a
cleaner car future? And what’s up with Bill Ford Jr., the once great green hope
of enviros? Is he a true believer and if so why is he and other in the auto
industry spending millions to defeat California’s emission-reduction laws?
Everything you ever wanted to ask Ford’s top two environmental execs this
weekend, plus a report on the Red Carpet – Green Cars initiative at this week’s
Academy Awards and a meeting with the Editor of The Natural Home and Garden Magazine.

First let me report for full disclosure that I am a founding member of Don’t be fueled! Mothers for clean and safe vehicles.
guests are Neil Golightly, Director of Ford’s
Sustainable Business Strategies and Andy Acho, Worldwide Director for
Ford’s Environmental Outreach Strategies.

They talk about the new hybrid SUV, the other alternative cars Ford has developed and what’s next.

A_robyn_griggs_lawrence_1We have also invited Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Editor-in Chief of the Natural Home and Garden Magazine, A_natural_home_garden_covera bi-montly about green living with quality and style.
She is the author of Wabi-Sabi House, finding beauty in things simple, humble and well used.