Shawnee Hoover of Exxpose Exxon comments on reports that say that despite their ongoing insistence that they’ve severed ties with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and renounced smearing the science of climate change, Exxon "is still funding more than $2 million to the majority of climate skeptic groups" closely linked to CEI and their ilk.  LISTEN (8 min)

The saddest part of this is that Exxon and other deniers know that they
will someday have to accept and address the challenges of climate
change, yet they cynically continue to sow doubt so as to squeeze a few
more bucks out of the fossil fuel era. If we were to act now, we could
minimize the impacts of climate change on our daily lifestyles. But
Exxon’s denial creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: the longer we wait,
the more likely it is that our lifestyles will be compromised
significantly, as Exxon currently warns.