This weekend on EcoTalk Betsy’s guests are

Hilda_solis_1 Congresswoman Hilda Solis (D-CA East LA) will tell us about the so called Gas Act, the raucous GOP (Getting Outrageously Pushy) House vote on legislation to relax restrictions on oil refineries. She led a drive for an alternative bill. 

Listen (11 min)

Solar_cells A solar decathlon underway near the Washington mall will also also be a focus – college students from around the country competing to build the greenest house to show the public, and politicians, what’s possible – we’ll speak with Tor Allen of the Rahus Institute and Cal Poly student Robert Johnson. Listen (6 min)

Our third segment is devoted to solar pioneers Joyce Mason, Vice-President Marketing for Pardee Homes building the nation’s first 100% solar-powered housing development and developer Jack Fleming creating the first solar-powered seniors home.  Listen (11 min)

Lightbulbsmall Finally Wendy Reed, Communications Manager for Change a light, change the world  wil ltalk about this campaign of the EPA’s Energy Star programListen (7 min)

LISTEN to the whole show (37 min)

And thanks from an ET fan

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I love your show and have been waking up to tape it at 7am to listen to
it later. Saturday noon is good. Let’s aim for a late weeknight so I
can relax after work with your show. It is so informative and has
fabulous topics. The BEST Air America shows are EcoTalk, Al Franken and
Ring of Fire. The BEST NPR shows are Car Talk and Fresh Air with Terry
Gross. As far as I am concerned, you are one of the top radio
interviewers. Keep up the great show.

Is the show repeated any time during the week?

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