October 30, 2006

Dear Friends of the Planet,

Did you know you have your own national radio show — devoted exclusively
to environmental challenges and sustainable solutions?  EcoTalk
with Betsy Rosenberg
has expanded to a daily format and is heard
across the nation five days a week on AM radio (Air America Radio Network)
and XM Satellite Radio, streamed on the Internet, and podcast through
iTunes. Nowhere else will you hear the voices behind green news – and
the eco-visionaries who deserve to be in the headlines but are overlooked
by mainstream media.

We need
help on two fronts:

First, its ratings season!  Now
is the time for you and your friends to tune in to your environment
through EcoTalk. These conversations are relevant to everyone who eats,
drinks or breathes!  To find a local station, go to
www.ecotalk.net or listen on iTunes — and then forward this message to help spread the word about EcoTalk’s powerful, "tree-free"
interview program.  If your local radio station doesn’t carry
EcoTalk yet, you can call the program director and ask them to air EcoTalk. 
Ratings matter – because that’s what attracts sponsors, and those
sponsors will allow EcoTalk to remain on the air.

Second, speaking of sponsors and money,
EcoTalk needs both!
We have an incredible, targeted national green
audience and want to continue spreading the word.  If you know
of any businesses, environmental organizations or other people interested
in advertising or partnering with EcoTalk, please send us an email,
betsy@ecotalk.net.  We are also seeking individual investors
and donations – as well as foundation support for our Environmental
Journalism Program.

Can we count on your support?  Please
send gratitude, sponsor leads, investment inquiries and even checks
to betsy@ecotalk.net or to EcoTalk, P.O. Box 29025, San Francisco, CA
94129. Or call our office (415) 561-2165. 

With tremendous respect, warm regards, and more than a little urgency,

The EcoTalk Team