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The Climate Project in Nashville for its North American Summit: Attorney Susan Mac Cormac about changing the corporation form

Susan-mac-cormac Susan Mac Cormac is a corporate attorney with the San Francisco law firm Morrison & Foerster. She explains why and how the structure of corporations should change to promote sustainability.
LISTEN (11 min)

Nate Hanson, Vice President of NextEra Energy Resources

Nathehanson Nate Hanson, Vice President of NextEra Energy Resources,
the largest generator of renewable energy in the U.S. Hanson talks
about an innovative new program that gets consumers and corporations
involved to help lead us into the next, greener era!

LISTEN ( 22 min)

Lewis Perkins of Mohawk Industries about green carpets

Lewis-perkins Greener carpet is in more demand, and supply,
thanks to standard setting companies like Mohawk Industries. We’ll meet their
Director of Sustainable Strategies, Lewis Perkins for the why’s and how’s. LISTEN (8 min)

KoAnn Skrzyniarz, CEO of Sustainable Life Media about the Sustainable Brands Conference

Koannskrzyniarz100x KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Founder and President of Sustainable Life Media reports on their upcoming
Sustainable Brands conference and why all green business types won’t want to miss it! LISTEN (9 min)

Gil Friend of Natural Logic about how to “measure what matters”

GilFriend 4 WC
Gil Friend, of Natural Logic, discusses how to “measure what matters” and gives us a sneak preview of his forthcoming book, The Truth About Green Business.
(9 min) 

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