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Mike Korchinsky, Founder of Wildlife Works

Mike-korchinsky-crop Mike Korchinsky steps up to the green front, which is where he’s been.
Mike is the founder of Wildlife Works, an organic clothing company that’s taking corporate stewardship
to a new level with its carbon reduction program and groundbreaking work in Kenya.

LISTEN (13 min)

Claudio Miranda, President of Organic Bouquet

Claudio-miranda-crop Claudio Miranda is President of Organic Bouquet, a company that pioneered eco-friendly flowers almost a decade ago and has been in the forefront of the organic flower business. Find out how you can send mom a greener bouquet for
Mother’s Day and beyond. LISTEN (9 min)

Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface Carpets: Confessions of a Radical Industrialist

Ray_anderson Ray Anderson, CEO and founder of Interface Carpets is one of the earliest corporate environmental stewards. He had his original eco-epiphany after reading Paul Hawken’s
The Ecology of Commerce and went on to become an eco-evangelist for greater green leadership.
Ray has a new book coming out, Confessions of a Radical Industrialist he’ll give us a preview of that
as well as his candid opinion on nuclear power. LISTEN (18 min) 


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