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Anna Cummins: 5 Gyres Institute, the problem with plastics: “made to last forever, designed to throw away”

AnnaPlastic sushi anyone? Not likely on the menu at your favorite sushi spot but our first guest has seen it and has made it her life's work to stop plastic pollution in the ocean. Anna Cummins, who along with her partner Dr. Marcus Erickson, started the 5 Gyres Institute, is about to set sail for Gyre Number 5 to bring worldwide attention to the plight of marine life, and ultimately humans, posed by the plethora of plastic pollution. One of the stops will be Easter Island, perhaps ironic, notes Cummins?


Anna Cummins and Markus Eriksen: anti-plastic junk crusaders


Anna Cummins, a longtime environmental activist and ocean educator
and her fiance, Dr. Marcus Eriksen, are riding their customized
bikes down the west coast this month to publicize plastic pollution. The
journey is a footnote to the junk raft expedition completed by Marcus last year. LISTEN (14 min)

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